Tobacco Products and Health

S&M Brands, Inc. historically maintained a “Tobacco Products and Health” section of its web page. Among other things, this section stated that tobacco use is a serious decision for informed adults only. 

This section also answered questions about our products that our company frequently receives from our customers and listed resources that could be helpful for quitting tobacco use. 

However, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) now governs all aspects of cigarette and smokeless tobacco production and marketing. Further, FDA has asserted jurisdiction over all other tobacco-derived products including cigars and vapor products. 

The FDA is the best source to answer questions about our products as it relates to “health claims.” 

S&M Brands, Inc. directs our consumers to ask all of their questions to the FDA about tobacco products and quitting tobacco. You may find FDA’s tobacco center by doing an internet search for “FDA and tobacco” or you may start at www.fda.gov
 or call 1-888-463-6332