SMBVape.com can ship your products to any valid address in the United States or any territory thereof.  However, the laws change constantly, which may affect our ability to ship to you and certainly the cost of delivery. NOTE (effective 5/15/2017): At this time SMBVape.com ships to the following States only: Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland. All orders shipped to the state of Virginia will incur a handling fee to cover the cost of Adult Signature Delivery service. 

When you order from us, the company will show the shipping costs and estimated delivery dates based on the shipping you choose.  If the shipping method you choose is weight based, the carrier may round up per their policy.  But SMBVape.com does not impose up-charges or handling charges on your shipping.

All products are shipped expeditiously after order confirmation. 

Note that SMBVape.com is in no way responsible for delays in delivery or mis-delivery by the carriers you choose.  The company is also not liable for any damage to the product(s) that occur in shipping.


SMBVape.com must charge you sales tax on the total amount of your order if you are located in jurisdictions that require the company to collect such taxes, which at the present time are the States of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.  You may be responsible for remitting sales taxes in any other jurisdiction.  Check your applicable law.

SMBVape.com must also collect excise tax on certain items deemed taxable if you are located in the jurisdictions that require the company to collect excise taxes, which at the present time are the States of Minnesota and North Carolina. You may contact your State's Department of Revenue for more information regarding excise tax collection.

You may contact customer service at 1-800-766-5342 or by email with any shipping or sales tax questions.